Clickback Project!

what is this? this is a an on-going project of mine that i'm conducting on pokefarm. over the course of what will probably be a couple months i will be collecting data on clicks and what makes people return them, in simple terms i am trying to figure out the best way to get clickbacks.

please contact me on pokefarm or discord if i'm not presenting my data clearly or if you have any questions/suggestions, very open to improving! c:

after a couple experiments and just general patterns ive noticed in the time i've been playing, i've determined that activity surges on the weekends and progressively gets slower during the weekdays until friday. likely due to the userbase conforming of children and young adults who either have school or work in the middle of the week. but more importantly is the ratios... the sad truth is that only 45-55% of people return clicks on a daily basis, meaning that nearly half the energy being put into clicking users is being wasted. leaving me (and you?) the question of "how do i fix this?"

anyway, enough yapping... onwards?

table key:

tests 1 and 2 were preformed to discover potential patterns and perhaps support later experiments. right now they don't yeild enough information to prove things such as what bonuses make people return clicks or best times of day to click. NOTE: Both tests had guideline to stop clicking more users 2 hours before reset, allowing people time to return clicks.

test 1, 30/sept/17-4/oct/17, massclick weekend + first 3 days of an interaction point tournament.

Recieved⋆ Unreturned⋆ Total Clicked⋆ Ratio⋆ Bonuses⋆ Event⋆
Saturday⋆ 1,0109031,9130.53+4 Garthic, 24% Uzumi, x3 Ravyne, 22% Dusky1st day of MCW
Sunday⋆ 8077831,5900.51x2 Niet, +5 Garthic, 12% Sei2nd day of MCW
Monday⋆ 8967391,6350.54no bonuses1st day of tourney
Tuesday⋆ 8558871,7420.48x2.5 Niet, 11% Perse2nd day of tourney
Wednesday⋆ 7008131,5130.46+4 Garthic, x3 Ravyne, x2.5 Shazi, 10% Sei3rd day of tourney

test 2, 9/oct/17-13/oct/17, evolution tourney + first 3 days of Type Race. October 10th submission omitted due to me missing the data collection period... rip

Recieved⋆ Unreturned⋆ Total Clicked⋆ Ratio⋆ Bonuses⋆ Event⋆
Monday⋆ 8417461,5870.53x2 Niet, x2.4 shazi1st day of tourney
Wednesday⋆ 8259171,7420.47no bonuses3rd day of tourney, 1st day of type race
Thursday⋆ 8477271,5740.547% Perse4th day of tourney, 2nd day of type race
Friday⋆ 9056831,5880.57+2 Garthic, 20% Duskylast day of tourney, 3rd day of type race

test 3, on-going. information on days that i had rus will go here, i have a theory that more rus = higher ratio.

Recieved⋆ Unreturned⋆ Total Clicked⋆ Ratio⋆ Bonuses⋆ Event⋆
Saturday(14/oct/17)⋆ 1,1366791,8150.63x3 niet, 32% uzumi, x2.1 shazi, x10% sei + POKERUS (21:00 server time)4th day of type race

test 4, on-going. will be recording time periods instead of days, this is to see how quickly clicks are returned within an hour timespan. guideline set to stop clicking new users 10 minutes before hour is up.

Recieved⋆ Unreturned⋆ Total Clicked⋆ Ratio⋆ Bonuses⋆ Event⋆
Wednesday(18/oct/17 00:12-01:12)⋆ 1872834700.40no bonuses3rd day of lab tourney
Thurday(19/oct/17 06:00-07:00)⋆ 1365026380.21no bonuses4th day of lab tourney

will be adding more info soon! please be patient with me, i've only just started.